Program and Team Definitions


WLSA Recreational Program: For fun, of or relating to recreation, amateur, to gain valuable experience in, pleasant activity, a hobby. Involves very little travel. ASA 10U and 12U teams under the recreational program will play weekly games; and 2-3 NAFA weekend tournaments for 12U and 14U teams. 10U teams will participate in a year-end CCGSA tournament.

Groups included: T-Ball, 8U, 10U-C, 12U-C

Registration thru West Linn Softball Association

WLSA Intermediate Program: A step above the recreational league. Slightly more competitive and caters to middle ability and skill sets. A step toward competitive play where players have mastered the recreational league but are not quite ready or prepared for the highest level of competition. Involves some travel and some tournaments.

Groups included: ASA: 12U-B/C, 14U-B/C

Registration thru West Linn Softball Association

WLSA Tournament Teams Only Program: The highest level of competition; increased level of play. Players and coaches in this league have the strongest know-how, determination, and desire to compete to succeed. Involves the most travel and all tournament games.

Registration requirements for competitive teams:

· Teams created at the competitive level of play shall hold tryouts. Registration thru WLSA will be at a fair cost per child, determined annually by the Board, accounting for current facilities costs and fees; all other team expenses are to be paid to and by the team. WLSA is not responsible for equipment, uniforms, field prep, travel fees, and any additional costs associated with competitive team play.

· Teams must be registered thru WLSA for use of fields and/or facilities.

· There must be a first priority to girls in the community with no less than 3 players of the roster consisting of players outside of the WLWV School district.

Rules and Regulations within WLSA for competitive teams:

First priority of field use is granted to recreational teams; there shall be no competition for field use within West Linn during the recreational softball season. Intermediate and competitive teams shall share field time equally, fairly, and proportionate to the number of teams registered.