West Linn Select 12U Tiffany

West Linn 12U Tournament Team

If you are interested in trying out for the tournament team, please fill out this 10-question survey: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/J96CBHX

Hello my name is Craig Tiffany, and I will be the head coach of this year's 12U competitive tournament team. I have been a youth sports coach for more than 15 years in one capacity or another, and I have specifically been coaching softball for the last 5 years.

My philosophy in youth sports is to make the sport fun for the participants, and to put a quality product onto the field. This is not to say that winning doesn't matter, as I believe learning to win, is as important as, learning to play. I am also a firm believer in the equation of "Excellence = The mastery of the basics", so as a team we will spend a lot of practice time perfecting things like throwing, catching, hitting, and running bases.

Speaking of practice, we will have two practices during the week at one of the Willamette Fields, every week of the season (except Spring Break). The expectation is that if you sign up for the tournament team, you are committed to practicing as well as playing. I understand that a lot of our players are involved in other extra-curricular activities, and I think that is awesome, however, Spring and Summer is softball season, and I need the commitment of the players every week. On our off weekends, we may have extra hitting practice at the Rosemont Ridge Middle School Cage, or a fundraiser (car wash, or something like that)

With the current fee structure ($350), we can only guarantee 5-6 tournaments as it stands now. I would like to take this team into the summer season through July, this will not be a requirement to play on the spring team. One caveat is that extra tournaments means more money, we will need to find sponsors, do some fundraising, or both during our off weekends to raise money. Tournaments cost between $400/$500 per weekend, so you can do the math.

Here is my desired Tournament Schedule (nothing is confirmed yet):

Assoc Location

6-Apr NAFA NewBerg/WL

13-Apr NAFA NewBerg/WL

27-Apr NAFA North Marion

4-May NAFA West Linn

18-May NAFA Sherwood

1-Jun ASA West Linn

Beginning of Summer Season

22-Jun ASA West Linn

29-Jun NAFA Newberg

13-Jul NAFA Woodburn

18-Jul NAFA Newberg

The team will be made up of 11 players.

Pitchers: 2 (maybe a 3rd)

Catchers: 1 (2 would be better)

Middle Infield Specialists (2nd and SS): 3

Corner Infield Specialists (1st and 3rd): 3

Outfielders: 5

But Craig, that adds up to 14 players. Yes, it does, we can have overlap between the different categories. Some pitchers may be middle infielders; some outfielders may be catchers, etc. I want to limit the number of bench players, as we will be playing competitively and while all players who make the team will play in every game, equal time amongst all the players may or may not be used.

My expectations of the parents are pretty straightforward. You are welcome to attend practices, and encouraged to attend games! Win or lose I will be trying to create a fun and positive environment for the players and the fans. That means I will not allow any negative remarks towards the coaches, the players, or the umpires (there will be a zero tolerance policy for all NAFA and ASA tournaments this year regarding umpire abuse). Positive cheering only please.

I want to make it clear from the beginning as well, that the assistant coaches and I will be doing the only coaching at the games, and at practices. If I have to ask you not to coach your daughter from the stands more than a few times, I will ask you to leave. I take this very seriously, I need the players to trust what the coaches are telling them, and if they are looking into the stands after every single pitch, or play, they aren't trusting us, they are looking for your approval. If you don't agree with my approach, or believe that my approach isn't the right fit for you and your daughter, I absolutely respect that and I will cheer for her on whatever other team for which she plays. I take this approach into the coaching of my own daughter. During games and practices, I do not give individual instruction or correction to her, I allow one of the assistant coaches to provide the 1:1 interaction required at that time.


Craig Tiffany