Clackamas County Softball Association

This is the league website for the Clackamas County Girls Softball Association, which our ASA teams compete.

ASA Softball

This is the official site of the Amateur Softball Association. This site is a great resource for softball information. It is also where our league and coaches register our players for their ASA player cards.

The Oregon ASA site is

Pitching Lessons

Many of our high school players pitch with Sue Oran. Visit Sue's website and check out her "strictly softball" facility.

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Hitting Lessons

There are many hitting instructors in our area. One of the best is coach Nemo who coaches our winter hitting program. For more information on Nemo's hitting program.

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Local Softball Tournaments

This site contains many of the tournaments that our ASA teams will participate in each year. This organization also sets scheduling for our ASA teams fall game schedules.

Coaches Links

Important Web Links for Coaches:

Clackamas County Girls Softball Association (CCGSA)

Amateur Softball Association of America (ASA) Virtual Tournament Director

Coaches Background Check

Coaches Code of Conduct

Coaches Code of Ethics


This is the website of noted softball personality Cindy Bristow. It's a great educational website. Our league ASA coaches complete virtual coaching training at this site.

Another great site for determining legal and illegal pitches is

Local College Programs

The following links will keep you up to date on local college softball programs

The UO Ducks

The OSU Beavers

Portland State University

Linfield College

Eastern Oregon University

Western Oregon University

Oregon High School Softball News

There is no better source of local softball news than the Oregon Live Softball Forum. This forum contains valuable postings for clinics, news and other valuable softball information.

Oregon Live Prep Softball

USA Softball

This is the link for the USA Women's softball team.

Little League Softball World Series

The link gets you information on this annual tradition hosted here in Portland for the best 11 and 12 year old teams in the nation, that play in the Little League organization.