The West Linn Softball Association

The West Linn Softball Association (WLSA) offers recreational and competitive programs serving girls age 5 to 16 in the West Linn, Oregon, Clackamas County area. WLSA offers a spring program as well as a fall program.

Our mission is to offer programs for all ability levels providing the opportunity for all to participate.

WLSA is an Amateur Softball Association (ASA) affiliated league. Competitive softball ASA teams are offered beginning at the 10 and Under (10U) level. Recreational teams for grades K-4 are formed by school where possible and generally are kept together for future in-house seasons. The recreational season runs from early April to early June. ASA teams are formed by tryouts, and will usually not be the same from season to season. The ASA season varies by team. some of the higher level teams will begin in early March and play through July, while others will begin in mid to late March and run through late June.

WLSA and its coaches also offer many instructional events throughout the calendar year for players to enhance their skills. Many of these events are free. Opportunities include, fall open gyms with pitching development, winter open gyms and instruction, in season clinics and an annual summer camp.

Recreational Programs:

A great first introduction to softball is the WLSA T-Ball program. T-Ball is offered for girls in Kindergarten. Players learn the rules of softball and hit off a tee. Teams play other T-Ball teams from West Linn.


The rookies program is offered for girls grade 1-2. Players continue to learn the game and refine their skills. Players begin to develop hitting skills hitting off of their coaches pitching. Teams play other rookie teams from West Linn as well as neighboring communities such as Tualatin, Lake Oswego, Wilsonville and Oregon City. "Rookies" offers a chance for 1st and 2nd grade girls to learn more softball skills, "rookies" is a recreational program and following the completion of the 2nd grade season at "rookies" players may transition to competitive ASA, or choose to stay in the recreational program "Minors".


The Minors program is offered for girls in grade 3-4. Girls in this age range may also play at the 10U ASA level. Pitching is introduced, coaches assist the pitchers, pitching to their players after a fixed number of balls. Teams play other teams from West Linn. The league has also coordinated games between West Linn teams and neighboring Lake Oswego minors teams in some years.

4th grade is generally a transition year for many of the players within our program. We suggest that girls who want to continue within the program advance on to the 10U ASA level. Girls who are looking for a recreational and less competitive level should register for the Minors program.

Competitive / ASA Programs:

While the in-house leagues are divided by grade, By national ASA rules, the ASA leagues teams are divided by age. Players of the same grade may be in different ASA leagues. ASA has age classifications that encompass two year blocks, they are 10U, 12U, 14U, 16U etc. Those registered try-out. Try-outs are generally split into levels (10U players, 12U Players, etc.) and are conducted during late winter. Since WLSA emphasis is to focus on developing players within the West Linn community, ASA teams are limited to (4) players per team who live outside the West Linn/Wilsonville school district.

Another goal of our program is to develop our communities top players to feed into our West Linn High school program. To facilitate this goal, from time to time WLSA has offered teams that compete in the top tournaments in ASA in the state. Currently, we have not formed such teams. We offer a 14U team that competes separate of the regular try-out process. This team is caoched by Angela Noel. For more information on this team, please inquire and we will be happy to refer you to Angela.

All other players in West Linn ASA team programs are required to try-out. Tryouts are held in late winter each year. Following tryouts, players are placed on teams matching their level of ability. WLSA often offers multiple teams at each level. We strive to not cut players, however it is possible if we do not have enough players for full teams.
ASA teams compete in the "A", "B" or "C" levels. By definition, "A" teams are usually traveling all-star teams. "B" teams are generally competitive teams made up of a select group of players from each community, and also include traveling teams. "C" teams are generally always community based teams that are recreational in nature.

WLSA selects coaches for its top 16U, 14U, 12U and 10U team each year. Once selected, the coach in conjunction with the WLSA board select the level of play (A, B or C) based on the skill level of the players. The coach is then allowed to formulate a schedule, also based on the skill level of players. The coach can choose to play in the county league (CCGSA) or develop its schedule playing in local or regional tournaments.

WLSA ASA teams generally play in the Clackamas County Girls Softball Association (CCGSA) as well as selected weekend tournaments. The league is made of teams from communities throughout Clackamas County. WLSA board and coordinators continually monitor competition throughout the league and annually determine what level ("A", "B" or "C") West Linn teams will best fit.

Tryout Information

WLSA board members score players based on their individual skills (catching and throwing fundamentals, hitting ability and mechanics, base running ability and ability to slide as well as pure speed). Additionally players who have a desire to pitch or catch at the competitive level are scored on their pitching or catching ability .

Pitchers are tested for overall speed, strike percentage and older level players are also scored on abiliity to throw multiple pitches and ability to hit spots in the strike zone. Catchers are tested for arm strength, ability to block and wild pitch recovery.

Players with the highest scores are placed on the highest level teams. Tryouts are usually held around the first of March each year.

ASA Age Determination

Player's age is defined as their age on January 1 prior to the spring in which they will be playing. To correctly determine the playing age for 2014 spring season, the ASA cut-off date is January 1st. (For example, if the players age is 10 as of January 1, then they would play 10U. If the player is 11 on January 1 then they would play 12U, and so on.


In 2014 10U players qualifing have 2003 birthdays or later.

For players age 10 and under as of January 1, 2014. 10U teams are generally offered at the "B" or "C" level. WLSA generally fields between 2 and 4 teams. Teams follow all ASA rules for the 10U level and compete against other teams throughout Clackamas County in the CCGSA. As mentioned above, girls in grades 3-4 usually may play in either minors or 10U ASA. We recommend that stronger players, or players who will be considered 11 the following season play 10U ASA instead of minors.


In 2014 12U players qualifing have 2001 or 2002 birthdays.

For players age 11 or 12 as of January 1, 2014. 12U teams are also generally offered in the "B" or "C" levels. WLSA usually has between 2 and 4 teams at the 12U level. Teams follow all ASA rules for the 12U level and compete against other teams throughout Clackamas County in the CCGSA.


In 2014 14U players qualifing have 1999 or 2000 birthdays.

For players age 13 or 14 as of January 1, 2014. 14U teams usually compete in the "A" or "B" level. WLSA generally fields 1 to 2 teams at the 14U level. Teams follow all ASA rules for the 14U level and compete against other teams throughout the metro area. The coach has the option of playing in the Clackamas County league or scheduling games against other metro teams, or opting for tournaments only. As mentioned, WLSA offers a "travel" team coached by Angela Noel with players slected by try-out. New players to our area are encouraged to contact Angela for a tryout.


In 2014 16U players qualifing have 1997 or 1998 birthdays.

It is uncertain if WLSA will field a 16U team in 2014-Families are encouraged to register and we will see how overall numbers land. If we are not able to field a team, we will make every effort to place players on teams in a neighboring community.